We understand that first visits can be uncomfortable, but they don’t have to be. When you come to First Baptist Church Dadeville, you should wear what you would normally feel comfortable wearing to church. You will find people dressed in everything from suits to blue jeans and dresses to capris.

Guests are welcome to park in guest parking directly next to the church. When you park, follow the Guest Entrance sign on the side of the building, and we will escort you to Sunday School, Worship, or the Nursery — wherever you need to go.

Sunday school starts at 8:45 and the Worship Service starts at 10:00. If it is too full in the sanctuary or you just need some extra room to spread out, we also have additional seating in the Fellowship hall. For Worship Service, you need to arrive about 15 minutes early to allow plenty of time to get a parking place and find good seats.

The Preschool and Nursery are located on the first floor in the Educational Wing directly behind the sanctuary. First Baptist Church has Sunday School classes for every age group, and we will help you find the one that meets your need.