We take  the Biblical command to gather together in worship of our King seriously. Our time of corporate worship is the primary expression of our unity in Christ.  We do this because we share a common hope in the Redeemer who has bought us with His blood.


Jesus charges all his disciples not only to place their faith in Him, but to obey Him in all areas of life. Through our Bible studies and small groups, we seek to grow in our obedience to the Word of God and fellowship with one another. We are grateful that God has given us a local church family to encourage, strengthen, and challenge us to grow.


Our Savior did not come to be served, but to serve us by laying down His own life. We seek to follow his example as we pour out our own time, energy, and resources in service to our community and the nations. Because we are saved by a faith that displays itself in service to others, we desire to see every member of FBC Dadeville engaged in ministry to others.

Our Values

Bible-Centered Focus

God’s Word is at the center of all we do. We are committed to analyzing and interpreting the Bible in context without addition or subtraction. We are further committed to responding to God’s Word obediently. (Acts 2:42-47, Romans 10:17, 2 Timothy 3:10 – 4:8).

Biblical Community

You can’t do life alone. So, we strive to build a community where we care for each other like family. We find fulfillment in selfless community by encouraging, praying, loving, forgiving, teaching, and sacrificially caring for one another. We are united in our desire to follow Christ, undivided by race, age, gender, nationality, socioeconomic status, education, political persuasion, worship style, or religious routine. (Acts 2:42- 47, Romans 12, Galatians 6:2, Ephesians 4, 1 Thessalonians).

Love for Others

People are important to God, so people are important to us. God loves all people and calls us to do the same. God’s love for people is not based on their race, gender, nationality, socioeconomic status, political persuasion, personal preferences, or education. So, we strive to love people like God loves people. We practice this by humbly treating all people in a loving, dignified, respectful, patient, forgiving, gentle, and kind manner without regard to what we can get in return. (Matthew 7:12, Mark 12:31, Luke 6:31, John 15:12, Romans 12:10, Ephesians 4, Philippians 2:3-4, 1 Peter 4:8, 1 John 3:11).

Life-Changing Worship

Worship is an authentic expression of love to God for his infinite worth. Worship is more than singing a praise song or going through religious motions. We are dedicated to finding joy and worshiping God through all seasons of life. (Acts 2:42-47, Romans 12:1, Hebrews 13:15-16, 1 Peter 1:8).

Constant Prayer

We know we can’t follow God, glorify God, or make disciples for God without God. So, we are devoted to prayer without limits for that which can only be accomplished by the power of God. (Matthew 6:5-15, Acts 2:42-47, James 5:16, 1 John 5:14).

Making Disciples

Found people find people. We want to tell people how they can be saved from their sins through Jesus’s death on the cross as we live according to God’s Word. We want to emulate God’s heart for all people by reaching them with the good news of the Gospel so that God will be glorified both in our Dadeville community and around the world. Discipled people disciple people. (Psalms 67, Acts 2:42-47, Matthew 28:18-20).